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16th April 2016

The Spirit of Scotland! (And of course, we have Whisky); the mysterious musings of the SMWS and the Art of Adjectives.

If we could all remember everything we had been taught regarding vocabulary, tapped our memory of the subject to the fullest, the world, at least the philosophical world, would be a far more interesting place, and if we only drank whisky then it wouldn’t actually matter if nobody understood what the hell we were going on about anyway. Alcohol, in particular whisky, not unlike LSD, opens and encourages the mind to explore new possibilities, potentials and options, to take risks and challenge consequences. It puts parts of the brain in touch with other parts that would not have ever spoken to each other if sobriety was their best friend. It inspires philosophy and intellectual opinion. Now, wait a minute, I know what you’re thinking here, I’m not advocating over indulgence that may induce intoxication in any form, that would not be acceptable. I am merely referencing thoughts of unofficial studies in hedonistic circles of sub-cultures that one may come across in say…..a Sherlock Holmes novel for instance or a ficticious Victorian narrative of debauchery, depravity and downright decadence as a protagonist heads towards an age of enlightenment. As mortals, we can only exist in the present, and age inspires completely different connotations to us, in comparison to whisky. As whisky lies dormant in a bottle, having matured by way of very little exercise or self-education it becomes healthy, fine and robust. Smooth, charming and effortless. So, Philosophy due to whisky?…well, let me tell you, if you picked up a bottle from the SMWS, you wouldn’t even have to open it to feel the effects. Reading the label, is enough to set your mind wandering. Like the critic that swallowed a thesaurus, the descriptive powers of the SMWS, pull you in and capture the imagination, and make it damn hard not to open and get involved! An education in itself, the interpretation of the label warrants taste after taste to satisfy the curiousity of conformation. An education that is articulated to the market mysteriously and exotically by advocating centuries of tradition while elucidating on the present and prospecting upon the impending future. This forward thinking ethos drives a contemporary SMWS that has established a global network of societies, tasting rooms, members and customers. Partnerships along the way have also been formed as to our pleasure at MUSA, we can offer a taste of the extraordinary offerings that are ordinarily only available to members. As a member there are a host of benefits extended that contribute to one’s ultimate adventure in whisky decadence. Each bottle is a single malt/grain, cask strength offering, numbered and coded to supply its origin Whisky, Grain, Bourban Rum, . The variety of ageing barrel/butt/cask is supplied to help you on your way, then it’s up to you to decipher the rest, as you let your mind wander and explore your plethora of adjectives on the tip of your tongue that have always wanted to see the cold light of day or experience the warm rush of a summer breeze through a flushing meadow, or a grand garden in Goa. Rum has also popped up on the menu if you enjoy to somewhat modify your particular libation intermittently between drams. All in all, for the avid connoisseur, enthusiast or buff, stimulation is only ever a dram away, maybe you just have to cut loose once in a while. Oscar Wilde once said, ‘a man who lives within his means suffers from a lack of imagination’ …………then again he also claimed ‘Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation’………oh well…….Slainte!



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