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Dear Green, a place at Musa
17th April 2016

The celestial line that marks the halfway point between the northern and southern hemispheres is the position at which lies, the optimum geography for the coffea plant to bear fruit. The fruit of this plant is one of the top agricultural trading items in the world and gives us what we know of as coffee beans. In reality, not so much a bean, rather the seed of an edible red cherry, picked from the flowers of the evergreen coffea plant.

Coffee is a major part of our society here in Scotland, the UK and across the globe. How it came to play such an integral role in our everyday lives, is a discussion for another day, nevertheless, no self respecting hospitality establishment can be without it. Firstly, It is an essential part of the fuel that encourages the chef, the waiter and the management through their respective days, and secondly, and of course rather more significantly, it is somewhat popular with the paying clientele. Its popularity requests that our stock is Grade A, and here at Musa we feel this demand has been achieved, the dream realized! Thanks to our pals at Brew Dog, we have been introduced to an independent, in the respect of our mutual acquaintance, ‘craft’ coffee roasters……Dear Green.

The clue to their home is in the name, but for those who don’t care too much for thinking, it’s the city widely referred to as Glasgow. A small business with an ideal that represents a like minded exemplary passion for their particular product, mirroring our own appetite here at Musa, Dear Green, founded in 2011, is carving out a successful reputation among conisseurs across the country. Their ethos of procuring quality from fully traceable, reasonable sources, provides me with a confidence that what has been achieved so far, and what will be, is honest, authentic, trustworthy and upright. Our particular blend of coffee that the Dear Green guys provide to us, is a combination of four beans. Rwandan, Brazilian and Colombian making up 30% each with a little 10%er of Sumatran thrown in. Developed especially for Brew Dog, (who kindly let us partake in the consumption) this espresso has ‘A full and rich blend with blood orange flavor intensity balanced by a caramel mouthful and plum sweetness’. There is a certain complexity to coffee that may or may not be overshadowed by its other purposes, this I guess is the remit of the individual. However, one thing that should not be overlooked is the integrity and effort put in to build a reputation for the craft of coffee production, to impact upon an industry saturated by high street chains. A coffee movement that does, with all due respect to the perceived vision of the coffee heavyweights, that has seen the rise of the coffee house, require a proverbial shot in the arm. People like those at Dear Green and their contemporaries will, I hope, provide the industry with this fix. For now, in Aberdeen, we can enjoy this coffee at Musa, Food Story, or Brew Dog or why not get some delivered to your door…….3, 6 & 12 month subscriptions are available along with a host of other coffee paraphernalia at If MusaBernard didn’t love beer so much he would surely recommend!



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